About Heather Mayer Doula

About Heather

"I remember vividly bringing my first child home. I had spent my whole pregnancy so sure I'd leap into motherhood as superwoman! I didn't need help! Breastfeeding would be a cakewalk! I've got this! How quickly I learned that if there's anything babies are not, it's predictable. I was lost, and afraid, and totally unsure. I was blessed with a fantastic husband, a caring circle of friends and loving professionals, and, we found our way through. But, what a journey it was.

I have always been a caregiver, a nurturer, a mama - but, the births of my own children lit a fire in me for helping others. For supporting new moms, dads - new families - of all shapes, sizes, and flavors. Nobody should feel alone. Nobody should be ashamed to ask for help.

Parenthood is the most amazing, joyful journey that you will ever embark on. And, sometimes the hardest. I am passionate about helping new families settle into their own joyful journey."


As a Birth Doula, Heather will help support, and empower you and your partner as you bring your little one into the world. Heather will support YOUR birth YOUR way, whatever that looks like. Heather has worked in hospital settings, birth centers, and at home births. Heather has experience with VBACs, first (and subsequent!) pregnancies, natural births, epidural births, and planned and emergent cesarean births.

As a Postpartum Doula, Heather can help ease your fears by providing hands on non-intrusive, nonjudgmental support and education. Heather recognizes that every family is unique, and every family's needs are different.

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, Heather can help you establish a succussful breastfeeding relationship and meet your breastfeeding goals with confidence.

Heather is extremely knowledgeable and educated and up to date in relevant evidenced based care practices. She is highly skilled in communication, innately nurturing, reliable, and compassionate. Heather's goal is to make sure each every client's needs are met throughout every step of the birthing and postpartum journey.

Heather is a DONA International Birth and Postpartum Doula, a Hypnobabies Trained Hypno-Doula, and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). Heather is CPR certified holding a BLS (basic life support) certification through the American Heart Association. Heather is trained in acupressure for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Heather majored in Early Childhood Education, and has been as a preschool/pre-k teacher and a nanny. Heather has worked as a respite care giver to an amazing autistic child. Heather is the mom of two fantastic boys. Heather is located in the Woodland Hills area of the San Fernando Valley and enjoys hiking and camping with her family, volunteering at her kid's school, is an avid reader with her nose always in a book, and a music lover.

No matter what your family may look like, or what birth you may choose, Heather is here to support you in a calm, nonjudgmental way. Heather is a doula for ALL families